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Tiffany Design Lamps

All lamps are hand-painted, so no two are exactly the same.  Bases are hand-sculpted and then cast in resin, with hand-painted metallic patina.  These lamps are available patterns that can be recreated.  Bases may vary.

TABLE LAMPS 2” wide X 2 ½” tall
MagnoliaMagnolia $200 PeonyPeony $215 Purple GeometricPurple Geometric $125
Red BambooRed Bamboo $275 White BambooWhite Bamboo $275 Red Maple LeafRed Maple Leaf $250
Oriental PoppyOriental Poppy $200 DogwoodDogwood $200 PeacockPeacock $275
TulipTulip $250    

PONY LAMPS 1 ½” wiide X 2” tall
WisteriaWisteria $150 Amber & Red GeometricAmber & red geometric $100 Amber GeometricAmber Geometric (Vase base) $115

LARGE TABLE LAMPS 2 ¼” wide X 2 ¾” tall
GrapevineGrapevine $325 LaburnumLaburnum $335 WisteriaWisteria $350

Tiffany Design Windows

All windows are hand-painted on glass, and are framed in mahogany.  Since they are hand-painted, no two are identical.  These windows are copies of original Tiffany Studio designs, modified slightly to work in 1/12th scale.

Magnolia and Wisteria windowMagnolia and Wisteria window, Tiffany Studios, c. 1905, SOLD, $695

MagnoliasMagnolias, $350

Hollyhock window4-Panel Hollyhock, SOLD, $550

Foxgloves windowFoxgloves, $350

Grape transomGrape transom. $350   
Landscape with treeLandscape with tree, $225
Flowering VineFlowering vine, $225 GrapevineWisteria and Snowballs, SOLD, $225

Original Design Windows
These windows are original designs by Dan Worsham, IGMA Artisan.

Angel TrumpetAngel Trumpet, $195

Grapevine LRGrapevine , SOLD, $195

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