"To say your floral arrangements are the best I've ever seen - well, it seems inadequate. How blessed you are with your talent. "
Gayle Vedder

"Michele it was such a pleasure to meet you and an honor to have you remember me. Your work is astonishing!"
Brooke (Muddyshoes)
Seattle, WA

"Your website takes my breath away! It is absolutely gorgeous!!"
Gail in Arizona

"And Dan's lamps, they are going to be a big hit . . . a truly talented man - the bases of the lamps equal the perfection in those delicious shades. Even I recognized the 'traditional' patterns used and was blown away by their replication so perfectly in mini. Ditto to the other stained glass pieces."
Kim Matthews
Yukon Territories, Canada

"I checked out your website and am truly awestruck at the realism and beauty of your designs.
Barbara Richmond
Second Childhood Miniatures

"I received the package today and WOW, I love the print and the flower. Thank you very much, it is everything I envisioned … you do such beautiful work."
Elke Skinner

"I got my new Dollhouse Miniatures mag today and there's a wonderful article about Michele and Dan and their business. Helen, she's beyond brilliant! "

"I just finished the article about you in D.H. Miniatures. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Your work is exquisite!!!"
Alyson Rossino-Bolter

"The nicest flower kit I have EVER received arrived yesterday (Friday). The paper colors are so lovely and muted with such a realistic texture. . .It is so nice to see so much care and effort put into a kit."
Sue Utley

"I think your flowers and arrangements are brilliant."
Gillie Towers
London Dollhouse Festival

"I just wanted you to know that I love your kits! I've made the rose kit and to be a first-timer, I think I did very well! Your instructions are easy to follow, even for a no-English like me."
Lena Ullen

"Your kits are wonderful, can't wait to get started on mine. Michele, I can't believe how realistic the Croton leaves are, just wish my real live plant had leaves that looked that good."
Betty Benjamin
Houston, TX

"HURRAH, HURRAH!! YIPPEE!!!!! It came in the post - wow! Amazingly, stunningly, GORGEOUS! . . . What a beautiful, lovely [Easter Lily] flower. It will be the centre piece to my herbalist's room. Swoon, faint!"
Helen Cottrell
York, England

"Every time I look at the bouquet you did I can't believe its beauty."
Elaine Bern
Winnetka, CA

"What a lovely surprise to get your note re the centerpieces I bought from you in Culver City! You beat me to it, because I was planning to write to tell you how splendid the commissioned piece looks in the dining room. The room is now simply fantastic and your centerpiece the crowning touch. I put the other Christmas centerpiece on the living room coffee table for the time being. It makes the whole room look Christmasy! "
Ann Farmer
LA, California

"I haven't purchased many flowers yet for the projects that I'm doing, but if I can ever afford to buy one of Michele's. . . . They are truly masterpieces."
Diane Boggs

"Looking at page 66 in Dollhouse Miniatures, Dec 2002 to study Michele Carter's floral arrangement for the last week has inspired me."
Barbara N DeVilbiss

"Your work is exquisite!"
Holly Hayes
San Jose Mercury News

"My jaw dropped to the floor when I looked at the beautiful flowers/arrangements you make. Absolutely stunning."
Kim Matthews

"I had a look at your site, and I am in awe. They are WONDERFUL. Congratulations on being named an IGMA Artisan. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before you are a Fellow."

"I received the new magazine, American Miniaturist today. I was delighted to see the article on Michele Carter of PepperWood Miniatures. She was a new dealer at the Good Sam Show this year, and taught the rustic basket and flowers that are shown on the bottom right hand of the first two pages of the article as one of her workshops. Her talent with flowers is just wonderful, so glad to see it featured."
Barb Jones
Miniature Showcase, Good Sam Show

"I liked one of your Ikebana so well it is now the wallpaper on my computer screen and I can see it every time I go to use it. What a joy!"
Anita McNary

"Your miniature flowers and arrangements are very beautiful. I enjoyed seeing them."
Anja Riemens

"Absolutely fabulously beyond my own imagination. The floral arrangement pictured in my minds eye could not compare with what you have created here! The colors are gorgeous and the pottery works perfectly with other pieces I have collected."
Brenda Burks
Riverside, CA

"I went to your site..., and as soon as I saw the floral arrangement on the main page, I knew that I had seen your work recently in one of the magazines. I was impressed then, and even more so, now. Your work is exquisite!"
Jonathan David

"This Small Stuff Reader admires your website AND thinks that your should highlite it for the rest of the readers to visit too because all should see your work!! And, congratulation for your artisan status too. Well deserved that is for sure. I normally do not send out notes like this but... Thanks Michele!!"
Judy Lawton
Penticton, B.C.

"This AM I checked out a fabulous site that I think that you all should have a look at too. It is Michele's site http://pepperwoodminiatures.com. Michele is an IGMA Artisan now (since Oct.) and her work is fabulous and Michele you should be proud of yourself!! We have seen her work in Dollhouse Miniatures Dec 2002 in the Last Look section and then again in our brand new American Miniaturist Magazine first edition. Have a look at these and once again we are so lucky to have another very talented artisan in our group!"
Judy in Penticton BC

"Your floral arrangements are truly stunning!"
Christine Sulewski


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